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About this Online Escape Room Game

Embark on a thrilling mission as Special Agents, diving deep beneath the waves to the enigmatic Black Knight Island. With top-secret instructions in hand, you'll soon find yourself ensnared in the alluring mystery of the dark, dark wood, your pulse quickening as the search for the hidden lair commences. The hunt is on!

Welcome to our cutting-edge online escape room, where you can unite with friends, family, or colleagues from every corner of the globe to overcome challenges and unravel mysteries. Who says distances matter when you're on a quest?

Experience the power of collaboration like never before. As you navigate the 360-degree virtual rooms, each player's mouse pointer dances on the screen, signifying discoveries and discoveries. Unearth a fascinating clue? Your entire team will be alerted, fostering a real-time sense of teamwork.

Booking your quest is as easy as a few clicks. One price allows up to six player connections. Just select your time, gather your team, and set up a group call on your preferred platform for seamless communication. It's time to strategize and conquer!

With a generous window of 48 hours to complete your mission, you'll find our game both challenging and flexible. While most teams triumph in under two and a half hours, remember that just like a physical escape room, not every team can crack the codes!

But fear not! Our unique built-in clue system is there to nudge you when needed. You'll get three clues to aid your quest, with a progress tracker helping you decide when to deploy these precious lifelines.

Dive into an exciting world that's not just fun, but also interactive. Ideal for social gatherings, team-building exercises, or distributed teams, our game is here to amp up your online gaming experience!

Still on the fence?
We've received a flood of positive reviews online, testifying to the thrill and excitement of our game. Here's one such endorsement from James, a player from a renowned search engine company. He recounts his team's exhilarating experience:

"Our game session was simply stellar! We used it as a Friday afternoon team-building event, bringing together colleagues from three distinct time zones. In a spirited challenge, other teams within our company were also playing their own sessions, competing to outpace us. We, however, rose to the occasion, managing to escape within an hour! Although one team didn't make it within our scheduled team-building slot, they were so captivated by the game that they reconvened the next day on their own time to conquer the final challenge. The game proved to be an exciting and thoroughly engaging team-building activity for all of us."


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