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About this Online Escape Room Game

You and your team of Special Agents arrive by submarine at Black Knight Island and are given top secret instructions, soon you'll be in the dark dark wood, in the search for the hideout as you start your mission.

This is an online escape room game, you can can play alone or with friends/family/colleagues from different parts of the world, together.

You'll see the mouse pointers of all players as you work separate, and together to explore 360 degree virtual rooms; if one of your team find something interesting, all the team will be alerted.

Simply book the game (one price for up to six player connections), arrange a time to play with friends/family/colleagues, and start a separate group call using your preferred calling service so you can hear each other.

You have 48 hours from when you start the game to complete this challenge. Most teams escape in under two and a half hours, some sooner, and just like a physical escape room... not all teams complete it!

There is a built in clue system (which you need to find), you get three clues (and can see your progress in the game so you can decide if you want to use a clue or not).

This game is fun, interactive and ideal for social gatherings, team building, and distributed teams.

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